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Our Subject

If you look at the subjects that we cover on our blog site you will surely be surprised at their scope and scale. At one side of the spectrum is Arts/Literature and on the other is Computers/Software, two diametrically opposite in every aspect. This is what makes our site stand out from the crowd. We have something to offer to both the academics and the tech savvy, those interested in literature and the literary arts as well as people wanting to know more about computers and software they handle in their everyday lives.

And then there is the subject of “News” that is also a part of our niche. We have our team of bloggers trawling the Internet to get our readers the latest happenings from around the world. There is no limit to what we seek to cover in this section. It ranges from socio-economic upheavals in countries around the world to mega sports events and musical concerts.

We are especially focussed on advanced technological innovations in various spheres of life as well as launches of the latest high-tech gadgets. Any visitor to our site will find something that will surely capture his/her attention.

Coming back to another genre of our site – Arts/ Literature – which we cover in great detail, our blogs go into various aspects of this subject. It is not only great literary works that we focus on, we also take up the life and times of great writers, their sources of inspiration and other informative nuggets on them. This unique form of treatment of this topic is what makes us exclusive amongst other blog sites of similar nature.

Our third area is computers/software which is of great topical interest today. Apart from those directly connected with the Information Technology industry few know what software is really all about, the various types of software and how it runs hardware to perform various tasks. Our goal is to increase general awareness amongst our readers about the vital role played by software in the modern digital environment.

The regular contributors to our blog site as well as our in-house team are all professionals and have great expertise in the fields that we deal in. Every bit of news, information or updates is double checked by our editors to confirm their accuracy and authenticity. Hence the quality of content of our blogs is always of the highest standards.